• Custom CNC Glulam Structures

    Premium, precision-cut, Douglas-fir glulam beams and custom steel parts

    Photo by Paul Warchol / Rockwell Group | Project in collaboration with Nussli Group
  • Custom CNC Timber Frames

    Premium Douglas-fir timbers/glulam beams and custom steel parts

  • Performance Shell Panel Systems

    Insulated wall, floor, and roof panels for Passive House buildings

  • Precut Kit Builds

    Precut, labelled, and sorted lumber; connectors; and framing drawings

About us

CutMyTimber Inc. is a fabricator of timber and steel components for the entire building industry, using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) machinery.  Projects are spread as far as Alaska, Québec, and Australia, with production based in Portland, OR and an office in Vancouver, BC.  We are able to make highly complex and efficient building systems available to both large and small companies, as well as to individual, independent builders.

Environmental Focus

CutMyTimber uses state-of-the-art computer software to optimize your project.  This optimization results in less waste and off-cuts, so we can build “greener” at lower cost. Our virtual building process and the use of FIM (Fabrication Information Models) catch geometrical problems and installation issues before any materials are wasted. Our process saves costs, headaches, and trees.