• I have a project, how does the process work?

    1. Send plans, sketches, and ideas. CMT to give you a rough estimate.
    2. If budget works, Client to sign design contract and pay design deposit (100% creditable towards CMT package). CMT to optimize design, perform value engineering and feasibility.

  • Do you install panels or frames?

    We currently do not have an installation crew. However, one of our experts can assist during the raising of the building. We are working closely with selected installers and general contractors in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, Santa Rosa, CA and Detroit, MI. We are open to work with your local general contractor.

  • Are you a general contractor (GC)?

    No, CutMyTimber is an off-site wood fabricator and supplier to local general contractors. We do not have a general contractor’s license and we usually don’t do on-site work.

  • Do you provide engineering services?

    CutMyTimber does not provide structural engineering services or approval. However, we have close working relationships with engineering firms in many states in the US, and Canada. We believe in an integrated approach early in the design phase. We try to interface between advanced 3D structural analysis and finite element programs and our 3D FIM modeling platform. This allows us to eliminate costly redesigns and changes and we only have to enter material properties such as species, strength, dynamics, etc. once. Direct real time communication between CutMyTimber and selected engineering firms can reduce design and approval time and costs up to 50%.

  • I am planning a new house. Can we panelize it? Is it going to be cheaper?

    Our prefab panels make sense in the following situations:

    • Very complicated and hard to build geometry (tapered walls, etc.)
    • Remote locations with expensive framing crews (e.g. islands, mountain sites, etc.)
    • If construction time is critical
    • For higher performance panels (e.g. Passive House or super-insulated panels)

    In the above situations, even after paying trucks, cranes, and overhead, the project will still be more cost-effective in the end. For simple, square-shaped, stick frame buildings, that’s not necessarily the case. Basically, our shop efficiencies go against minimal or no overhead for site framing crews, trucking cost and crane cost.

  • Do you cut plywood or other panel products using a CNC router?

    Our specialty is heavy timber beams. We use a Hundegger CNC beam processor. We currently do not own a CNC router for sheet materials. However, we work with selected partners for that type of work. All CNC coding and design is performed by CutMyTimber.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we have shipped multiple projects as far as Australia and Europe.

  • How does the import from USA to Canada work? Are there any additional costs or work for me to do?

    CutMyTimber owns various softwood import and export licenses. Most of our products qualify under the NAFTA agreement and there is no duty or additional cost for import into Canada (or the other way). CutMyTimber prepares all necessary customs paperwork and ensures that your product can be delivered on time. Customs and brokerage fees are included in our fabrication price.

  • Where is your wood from?

    We aim to use local wood from Oregon and Washington sawmills. We mostly work with Douglas-Fir (DF), Western Red Cedar (WRC) or Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC).

  • Is your wood FSC / SFI certified?

    It can be, depending on the product and time of purchase. Please note that typically FSC certified lumber is harder to source and more expensive.

  • I have a large job, can CutMyTimber handle it?

    We own two Hundegger machines that we can run in multiple shifts. We also have agreements with other fabricators. Let’s have a look at your project and determine if our capacity is sufficient.

  • What files can you cut from?

    We can cut from cutting lists, shop drawings, sketches, etc. Please have a look at our “Supported File Format” guide.

  • What machines are you using?

    We use a Hundegger K2 beam processor with milling unit and a Hundegger Speed-Cut. We select the type of machine based on timber sizes and desired processes. The Speed-Cut is very fast and more economical to run, but we are limited to certain operations and cross-sections. The K2 can handle beams up to 12”x24” and 60ft in length and is very flexible in terms of processes.

  • What’s the lead time?

    The lead time depends on the product, project size and workload. Contact us and we can define current lead times.

  • Are you selling or fabricating CLT panels?

    We currently do not have a large format panel CNC machine, nor do we have a CLT press. However, CutMyTimber has been involved with CLT projects in the past. We fabricate and supply the following alternative products:

    • Glulam slabs (24” wide glulam slabs that can be joined to form larger panels up to 8’ wide)
      • Advantage: Stronger than CLT panels (all layers carrying loads), more cost-effective and easier to fabricate and install due to the beam type nature.
    • Box Beam Panels: We fabricate laminated boxes.
      • Advantage: Much lighter and more cost effective. Average of 90% less resources used compared to CLT panels.