We offer project management and 3D Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM) in Cadwork format. Our engineers and project managers have years of experience and will share their expertise with you. Our integrated system minimizes project-related stress and ensures that the entire process flows smoothly, so that every project can be completed as planned and in a much shorter time frame.

Factory set-up / Work flow and process engineering / Creation of CNC machine code files (BVN, BVX, BTL, and others)

The CutMyTimber engineers have worked with many different machine brands, models, and factory set-ups. We can help you and offer advice on both software and equipment questions, as well as provide recommendations for work flow optimization.

We offer a vast variety of customized smart tools and applications for your business. This includes Cadwork variants and APIs, macros, 3D libraries and parameter files, as well as CNC macros (Hundegger and others). We can also help you convert your drawings into machine code files for various machines. We are specialists in Hundegger BVN, BVX, and BTL files.  Please contact us if you wish to reduce your design or manufacturing time.

Our engineers have designed and optimized factory set-ups in many countries, including North America, Europe, Russia, and Australia. We have worked with modular and panelized homes, timber frame and log home factories, as well as CNC cutting centers. We can create 4D simulations (3D plus time) for new factories during the planning stage and can identify bottlenecks and problems in the workflow before costly investments are made.


3D laser field measurements and projections

Modern 3D building lasers are the most efficient way of precise measuring in multiple directions and have become a lot more affordable and powerful. 3D laser technology is the bridge between our virtual building models and the real world. Typical applications are hanger layouts, wall positions, connector locations, etc. We use 3D building lasers in two ways:

  • Measuring: The use of 3D lasers allows us to measure points in the real world and transfer them directly into our 3D CAD system. This is the fastest and most accurate way to get information from existing buildings or sites into our virtual building model. Ideal for restoration, re-modeling, or cloning existing buildings.
  • Projection: our 3D lasers also work as an output device. This allows us to project points from our 3D CAD system into the real world. This comes in handy for layouts, hardware positioning on beams, panel location, positioning of building components, etc.

CutMyTimber owns and works with 3D lasers from the German Manufacturer Leica. Leica is currently producing some of the best lasers available on the market.

For more info about our 3D lasers please click here.