Timber Frames

Timber frames are one of our specialties and many projects have been realized. Located in the Pacific Northwest, we have access to some of the best Douglas-fir timbers, including timbers free of heart center and with very tight grain. We have partnered with specialty sawmills in the region to source our material. We use CNC technology to cut our frames, allowing us to fabricate highly complex joinery at an affordable rate.

What is a Timber Frame?

A timber frame is a structure built using heavy timbers rather than dimensional lumber. Timber framing dates back thousands of years and is characterized by heavy, squared-off timbers and wooden pegs to secure joints in the frame. Over the years, many different styles have emerged, but timber frames were known to be unique, hand-crafted structures built by skilled craftsman. Today, the process of timber-framing has been modernized by the use of CNC machines, allowing for more affordable structures and shorter lead-times.

Our timber frames are cut using a Hundegger K2 CNC joinery machine. Our use of CAD/CAM software and CNC machinery allows us to fabricate precise and complex joinery. For timbers wider than 24”, we are able to provide hand fabrication. For timber frames requiring custom steel components and connections, we can incorporate these parts into our 3D Fabrication Information Model and have them fabricated to ensure the timber and steel components fit together seamlessly.

We produce a wide variety of timber frames and have shipped projects as far as Australia and Europe. Our product range includes: hybrid timber-glulam frames, roof systems, heavy timber trusses and bents, timber-steel compound structures, and glulam structures. Our timber-frames are often used for houses, barns, cabins, cottages, carports, garages, workshops, gazebos, tea houses, saunas, sunrooms, renovation components, pergolas and decks, balconies, bridges, etc.