Panelized Kits

Our panelized kits consist of wall, floor, and roof panels, precut using CNC technology.

Our custom-made wall panels are typically built using Douglas-fir framing lumber and plywood. For our floor systems, we often use engineered wood joists (TJIs) and engineered wood ledger and rim boards (glulam, LVL, LSL). All of the components are precut using a Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-1. We supply all the necessary hardware in the panels, including hangers, straps, nails, screws, etc.

To install the panels, we recommend working with a contractor that has experience in prefabricated custom homes. We do not have an installation crew, but will supply installation drawings with our panelized kits. We can also provide site supervision and site assistance.

Our panelized kits are typically more cost-effective than site framing in the following situations:

  • Very complicated and hard to build geometry (e.g. tapered walls, etc.)
  • Remote locations with expensive framing crews (e.g. islands, mountain sites, etc.)
  • If construction time is critical