We manufacture any kind of residential or commercial project designed with timber, glulam, or hybrid materials. We work with green and kiln-dried timbers of many different species, as well as different metals. Combining the latest digital manufacturing technologies with craftsmanship allows us to manufacture even the most complex parts.

Working with CutMyTimber means working with some of the best engineers in the industry and having access to advanced timber manufacturing machinery.  We are able to construct buildings of extreme complexity both affordably and reliably.



  • Concept

    We can convert drawings from a variety of formats. Even photos or hand sketches on napkins are fine. If you prefer to send us a CAD or 3D solid model file, we can convert them and create a detailed 3D production-ready model. We also work with 3D visualization tools such as Adobe 3D PDF, iPhone viewers, and other innovative technologies that provide you with an easy to understand overview of the design and manufacturing process. To include you in the design process, we can use Net-remote software tools allowing desktop sharing and live project reviews.

    Here are some of the software products we convert drawings from:

    • AutoCad 2D/3D (DXF/DWG)
    • Revit
    • Rhino
    • SketchUp
    • ArchiCad
    • Vectorworks
    • and others…

    *Download list of supported CAD applications and file formats

    3D Visualization

    Our experience shows that it’s often hard to read and understand 2D construction plans. We try to present our projects with the latest in 3D visualization technology.

    View your buildings on mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad or other mobile phones. CutMyTimber is collaborating closely with our Partner firm IDEAbuilder in San Francisco. IDEAbuilder specializes in innovative web and mixed reality technologies as well as virtual reality applications.

    Have you ever thought how useful it would be if you could look at a building site through special glasses and see a detailed 3D model of the proposed building with all the necessary parts in their real locations? Well we are getting there, and we are not far away. We will keep you posted.

  • CAD Design

    The entire CutMyTimber business is based on virtual design and 3D FIM modeling. We use the industry-leading Swiss software Cadwork. Cadwork allows us to prepare CNC code files for over 100 machines from more than 30 manufacturers. Some of the world’s most complex timber buildings have been designed and prepared for manufacturing using Cadwork. Originally developed for the Swiss watch industry, Cadwork brings a high level of accuracy. It also interfaces seamlessly with most standard 3D applications used in the industry.

    We believe in an integrated approach early in the design phase. We try to interface between advanced 3D structural analysis and finite element programs and our 3D FIM modeling platform. This allows us to eliminate costly redesigns and changes and we only have to enter material properties such as species, strength, dynamics, etc. once.

  • CAM Simulation

    The use of 3D CAM simulation software allows us to simulate the manufacturing process and detect problems or errors. It predicts the real cutting time in the factory; therefore, we can predict and guarantee our delivery dates. Detecting program errors and cutting mistakes using simulation nearly eliminates wasted material, making our products more competitive and environmentally-friendly. We use different state of the art CAM systems for different machine types.

  • CNC Machining

    Timber Equipment

    Once a CNC code file is created and the manufacturing process is verified through the CAM simulation software, the timber is processed using two Hundegger machines.

    Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-1

    The Hundegger Speed-Cut is built for fast processing of stick framing components, timber trusses, I-Joists, stairs and stringers, packing material and much more. Our Hundegger SC-1 machine also features a mill head drill unit as well as an inkjet marker. The machine can process parts that need to be cut, drilled, and marked, both quickly and precisely, with cross sections from 7/8” x 1-5/8” up to 6-1/4” x 17-5/8”. We use a beam processor for bigger parts.

    Hundegger K2

    At CutMyTimber we have access to a Hundegger K2 CNC joinery machine. This machine is equipped with a compound saw, 5 axis mill head, compound mill/drill units, angle drills, dove tail mill, and other tools. The K2 machine can cut about any joinery you can possibly think of, including mortise and tenons, scarf and shoulder joints, compound laps, dove tail connections, slots and kerfs, rounded and arched beam end profiles and a lot more. We can even mill a free form contour following any path. We use the K2 machine for timber framing, log building, timber components, larger stick frame parts (such as headers), stairs and stringers, glulam beams, I-Joists and much more. The K2 machine can process timbers up to 11-7/8”x 24-1/2”.

    Steel Equipment

    At CutMyTimber we work with steel manufacturers to produce steel components and connectors. Our FIM models interface directly with advanced steel cutting machines, ensuring perfect fit between steel and timber components.

    CNC steel beam processor

    Similar to timber beams, CNC processing centers are used to cut steel I-beams and tube beams. These CNC steel beam processors are capable of cutting (saw), burning (plasma), marking, drilling and milling. Most machines are equipped with a tool changer for maximum flexibility and production efficiency.

    CNC steel sheet laser and plasma cutter tables

    CutMyTimber works with steel manufacturers in North America that are using some of the best laser and plasma cutting tables. We work with laser cutting tables and plasma or flame cutters for thicker steel sheets. Some of these cutting tables are setup with integrated CNC processing units and tool changers, allowing for plate cutting, drilling, marking, tapping, and boring in one process.

  • Transportation

    We organize transportation for our clients. Our products are sold FOB Portland, Oregon and we work with a large partner network of trucking companies that can provide shipments from small, express shipments to large, over-length and over-height shipments. We have shipped products as far as Australia, Alaska, and Québec.