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 Equipment wood/timber

Stick frame CNC cutting equipment

We use some of the fastest and most versatile CNC saws in the world. Most of our partner firms are equipped with Hundegger SpeedCut-series saws.

But combined with the right team and software the SpeedCut is much more than just a saw. Most Hundegger SC machines also feature a mill head drill units as well as an inkjet marker. The SC machines can process stick framing components, timber-trusses, I-Joists, stairs and stringers, packing material and much more. Basically everything that needs to be cut, drilled, and marked, both quickly and precisely. The SC can cut cross sections from 7/8” x 1-5/8” up to 6-1/4” x 17-5/8”. We use a beam processor for bigger parts.

CutMyTimber has access to Hundegger SC machines all over the USA and Canada. Contact us to find out where our closest partner is located.

5-axis beam processor

The CutMyTimber network features some of the most advanced modern beam processors in the world.

We mostly use Hundegger K-series CNC joinery machines. Most of these machines are equipped with a compound saw, 5 axis mill head, compound mill/drill units, angle drills, dove tail mill, and other tools.

The K2/K3 machines can cut about any joinery you can possibly think about. Mortise and tenons, scarf and shoulder joints, compound laps, dove tail connections, slots and kerfs, rounded and arched beam end profiles and a lot more. We can even mill a free form contour following any path.

We use the K2/K3 machines for timber framing, log building, timber components, larger stick frame parts (such as headers), stairs and stringers, glue lam beams, I-Joists and much more. CutMyTimber is fortunate to have access to the largest K2-5 axis machine in North America. This allows us to process beams up to 35-1/2” (900mm). Most standard K2/K3 machines can process timbers up to 11-7/8”x 24-1/2”.

5-axis gantry type cutting center

Gantry type machines are used for two main applications: Precut SIP panels or solid wood wall panels. The other application is large format glue lam beams or arch beams. The main difference between gantry type machines and beam processors besides the huge size of the machine is the fact that the gantry type machine goes to the timber versus moving the timber to the machine mill head.

Unfortunately there are very few of these machines operating in North America. CutMyTimber is proud to have access to some gantry type SIP cutting centers. Please contact us for your large format cutting needs.

Automated stick frame panel assembly lines

Development of automated panel assembly lines has came a long way in the last 5 years. Most panel assembly lines are built up with 3 main components:

  • Cutting station: Precuts all components. For more info see stick frame cutting equipment
  • Framing station: Automated wall, floor, ceiling and roof framing
  • Multifunction bridge: The multifunction bridge does computer controlled nailing and guaranties perfect nailing patterns. The multifunction bridge is also equipped with mill heads and a circular saw. We use the mill and saw units to cut window openings, beam pockets and the panel perimeter with the highest precision.

The CutMyTimber engineers have been involved in setting up automated panel lines all over the world. We mostly work with equipment from the German manufacturer Weinmann. Weinmann is currently the market leader for automated panel systems. Please contact us for your panel needs. We will then decide based on location, project size and complexity if production on an automated system makes sense. In many cases a semi-automated approach is more cost effective. Prebuilt panels are the easy way of building your projects faster and in a much higher quality.

5-axis mill work machines

Most of today’s furniture, stairs, and interior wood components are fabricated using multiple axis routers. CNC router technology has been proven in other industries (automobile, mechanics, aerospace, and others) for more than 20 years. Over the years these machines became much more sophisticated, user friendlier and more affordable.

CutMyTimber is currently building our network of partners with 5 axis millwork machines. Currently our main focus is on building components. But we will apply the same concept for high end furniture, staircases, and interior wood components as well as complex forms in composite materials and aluminum. We will machine interior building components from the same FIM model we created for the building itself. This will ensure a perfect fit and at the same time eliminate repetitive work and reduce design and engineering time while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

3D laser measuring technology

3D laser technology is the bridge between our virtual building models and the real world. We use 3D building lasers in two ways:

  • Measuring: The use of 3D lasers allows us to measure points in the real world and transfer them directly in our 3D CAD system. This is the fastest and most accurate way to get information of existing buildings or sites into our virtual building model. Ideal for restoration, re-modeling, or cloning existing buildings.
  • Projection: our 3D lasers also work as an output device. This allows us to projects points from our 3D CAD system into the real world. This comes in handy for layouts, hardware positioning on beams, panel location, positioning of building components etc.

CutMyTimber trusts 3D lasers from the German Manufacturer Leica. Currently Leica is producing some of the best lasers available on the market.

Please contact CutMyTimber for more info. We are happy to provide measure and modeling services as well as helping you getting 3D data into the real world.

For more info about our 3D lasers please click here

 Equipment steel

CNC steel beam processor

Just like timber beams we use CNC processing centers for steel I-beams and tube beams. We interface directly with some of the world’s most advanced steel cutting machines. Our CNC steel beam processors are capable of cutting (saw), burning (plasma), marking, drilling and milling. Most machines are equipped with a tool changer for maximum flexibility and production efficiency.

Direct interfacing with our FIM models ensures perfect fit between steel and timber components.

CNC steel sheet laser and plasma cutter tables

CutMyTimber partnered up with some of the most advanced steel manufacturers in North America. Would you like to have your building parts cut on the same machines used for parts for the US army, navy and for some high precision parts for aircraft? We make it possible. Our partners are using some of the best laser and plasma cutting tables. We work with Tanaka laser cutting tables with an amazing 6000 watt burning power.

For thicker steel sheets we work with plasma or flame cutters from Kinetic. Some of these cutting tables are setup with integrated CNC processing units and tool changers. That allows plate cutting, drilling, marking, tapping, and boring in one process.

Direct interfacing with our FIM models ensures perfect fit between steel and timber components.



The Entire CutMyTimber business is based on virtual design and 3D FIM modeling. We use the industry leading Swiss software Cadwork. Cadwork allows us to prepare CNC code files for over 100 machines from more than 30 manufacturers. Some of the world’s most complex timber buildings have been designed and prepared for manufacturing using Cadwork. Originally developed for the Swiss watch industry, cadwork brings a high level of accuracy. It also interfaces seamlessly with most standard 3D applications used in the industry. Our engineers are also comfortable working and converting files from other 3D CAD applications such as AutoCad, Revit, Vectorworks, Rhino and many others. Working with CAD and CAM is our strength!!

Structural engineering software

CutMyTimber does not provide structural engineering services or approval. However we have close working relationships with engineering firms in many states in the US, and Canada. We believe in a team work approach early in the design phase. We try to interface between advanced 3D structural analysis and finite element programs and our 3D FIM modeling platform. This allows us to eliminate costly redesigns and changes. Also we only have to enter material properties such as species, strength, dynamics, etc. only a single time. Direct real time communication between CutMyTimber and selected engineering firms can reduce design and approval time and cost up to 50%.

Building science software

Building Science became more important with the desire for green, energy efficient buildings that are truly high performance. Most people judge the efficiency of a building based solely on the R-value of the insulation. Research and studies in many countries have conclusively proved that things like thermal mass, heat transfer, moisture transfer, window glazing and others, play important factors in the overall performance and efficiency of a building. Building industry professionals, the government, and even consumers are increasingly demanding high performance buildings that actually perform as modeled and not simply buildings that are certified according to a generalized checklist that is only marginally accurate at predicting real world performance. We very much believe that building science is a science that demands to be rigorously studied and applied.

CutMyTimber is heavily involved with building science research (referred to as building physics in many European countries) in many institutions in Europe and North America. Some of our engineers are training with the European Minergie/Minergie P and Passiv-House system. We are also familiar with the current North American standards such as LEED, the Cascadia Region Living Building Challenge, and the Californian Green Building Code (CGBC).

Upon request we can provide a thermal analysis and simulation of your building based on our detailed 3D FIM model. Just like with the structural engineering, we interface directly between our 3D system and various building science tools. Our 3D FIM models include all material values such as bulk density, porosity, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, vapor diffusion resistance, etc.

We are also happy to work with your building physics specialists.

Remember: A well engineered building with balanced lightening, thermal performance and acoustics will make you feel better, will dramatically reduce energy cost, and will last longer. Building science is the perfect complement to the art of design and the magic of engineering.

CAM simulation

At CutMyTimber we always use the latest software technology. The use of 3D CAM Simulation software allows us to simulate the manufacturing process and detect problems or errors. It predicts the real cutting time in the factory and therefore we can predict and guarantee our delivery dates. Detecting program errors and cutting mistakes using simulation tools also nearly eliminates wasted material, making our products more competitive and greener.

We use different state of the art CAM systems for different machine types.

Online project management

Rapid evolution of internet speeds and mobile internet make it possible to manage complex building projects online.

At CutMyTimber we are continually trying to identify, develop, and integrate better tools and systems to help you as a business and project manager. These enabling technologies make it possible to handle multiple dynamic projects of extreme complexity.

We are currently working on an online tracking system for all our CutMyTimber jobs. You probably know these systems from shipping companies such as FedEx or UPS. Each CutMyTimber job will have a tracking number. Every relevant action such as design changes, material orders, start cutting process, shipping parts etc. will be logged in our database and you will be notified with a text message or an email. You will also have access to the project status online.

The system should be in place soon. We will keep you posted.

3D visualization

Our experience shows that it’s often hard to read and understand 2D construction plans. We try to present our projects with the latest in 3D visualization technology.

View your buildings on mobile devices like the iPhone or ipad or other mobile phones. CutMyTimber is collaborating closely with our Partner firm IDEAbuilder in San Francisco. IDEAbuilder specializes in innovative web and mixed reality technologies as well as virtual reality applications.

Have you ever thought how useful it would be if you could look at a building site through special glasses and see a detailed 3D model of the proposed building with all the necessary parts in their real locations? Well we are getting there, and we are not far away!!…. We will keep you posted.